Make a Change

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How To Help

1) Educate yourself

2) Contact retail stores, manufacturers, and importers

3) Buy fair trade and sweatshop-free products whenever possible

4) Grow more of your own food.

5) Share your time and money

6) Contact local, regional, and national legislators

7) Contact businesses that do business in countries that have child labor

8) Invest ethically

9) Contact government leaders

10) Educate others

Donate Here (global march) Or here (IIECL)

What your change can do

Unfortunately, many children have been affected by taxing child labour around the world. This has to be put to a stop. Your change can make a huge difference. Whether it be donating money to help the root of this problem or sharing this website or other links to spread awareness and information you can make a difference and help stop child labour.

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